World VoIP NewsNew release of VoIP videoconferencing solution from CoroWareNew release of VoIP videoconferencing solution from CoroWare

New release of VoIP videoconferencing solution from CoroWare

New release of VoIP videoconferencing solution from CoroWare
The Company CoroWare, Headquartered in Redmond, Washington, being as a VoIP videoconferencing solutions integrator with expertise in HD VoIP videoconferencing, business applications, and mobile robotics has introduced a new CoroCall HD videoconferencing pricing plan that will do it much more affordable for small businesses to get the benefits of reliable, multiparty videoconferencing.
The package of VoIP videoconferencing solution starts at $30 per month, CoroCall is a scalable HD subscription service such as desktop and office based videoconferencing, and has organic connectivity with traditional videoconferencing room systems. Existing CoroCall clients will be transferred over to the new pricing plan starting from September.

"CoroWare's new pricing model will help make reliable HD videoconferencing even more affordable for small and medium sized businesses," said Joshua Sherman, Business Unit Manager for Telepresence at CoroWare. "Our affordable, on-demand HD videoconferencing and desktop sharing service gives customers the freedom of choice to use desktop systems as well as traditional videoconferencing room systems."

Created on Vidyo's multimodal VoIP videoconferencing solution, CoroCall multiple ends HD videoconferencing connects companies and individuals using PCs, Macs, and classical videoconferencing room systems such as Polycom, Cisco-Tandberg and LifeSize Communications. The solution supports up to 20 separated connections in a single merged videoconferencing meeting, CoroCall also includes desktop and dedicated application sharing for all participants, and supports audio conferencing through the VoIP.

In accordance with 2009 research from Frost & Sullivan (World Visual Communication Managed Services Market, Nov. 2009), worldwide revenues for managed services for visual communications are expected to reach $940M by 2015 with an average annual growth rate (CAGR) of 162 per cent.

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