World VoIP NewsNew Session Border Controller Sipera E-SBC for VoIP operationsNew Session Border Controller Sipera E-SBC for VoIP operations

New Session Border Controller Sipera E-SBC for VoIP operations

New Session Border Controller Sipera E-SBC for VoIP operations
Company Wick Hill, a prominent industrial operator in secure IP infrastructure solutions and convergence applications, has released the session border controller (SBC) appliance Sipera E-SBC, boasting that this is the first hardware for SIP trunk termination, integrating an innovative enterprise VoIP integration module for smooth installation and enabling.
The solution offers SIP standard session border control functionality for terminating SIP trunks. “This is a real market-shifting product,” stated Ian Kilpatrick, chairman of Wick Hill “In fact, the Sipera Session Border Controller is a fraction of the cost of similar devices and works with all major players. It is not only quick to implement, but also easy to upgrade, to provide comprehensive security and deployment options.”

Contrary to SBCs configured for carriers and redesigned for enterprises, Sipera’s E-SBC delivers the features addressing needs of enterprises in order to adopt SIP trunks, while eliminating highly rigid and difficult to manage elements of classical SBCs, company officials added. It is reported, that E-SBC is easy to deploy. It can be launched within two hours for typical implementations. It can be scaled from 20 to 10,000 concurrent sessions.

The solution features SIP Trunk Integration Module (STIM), a powerful, flexible interoperability framework that dramatically simplifies the interface with the enterprise UC servers and IP-PBXs.

By implementation the E-SBC, enterprises can modify UC-Sec and get more advanced functionalities. They can set up encryption to all endpoints, UC fire walls, complete UC proxy functionalities, access control and full user authentication. Moreover, the solution deploys signaling and media ramifications for compliance, signature-backed breaches and threat mitigation, as well as effective policy enforcement for all ongoing UC traffic.

In accordance with Sipera press release, SIP trunks are a extremely cost effective methods for enterprises to adopt greater versatility and operational performance within associated telecommunications.

“Sipera’s E-SBC is a true, highly cost-effective enterprise SBC that massively simplifies the deployment and management of SIP trunks, with the industry’s most advanced integration with the enterprise VoIP and UC environment,” stated by company.

As we informed earlier, Sipera announced that its VoIP security solutions provides enhanced application-layer security for VoIP, making customers to apply the important security controls issued recently by PCI Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) to protect credit card and relayed digital data and information in telephone- based transactions.

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