World VoIP NewsNew SIP trunk product from Tone SoftwareNew SIP trunk product from Tone Software

New SIP trunk product from Tone Software

New SIP trunk product from Tone Software
Company Tone Software has announced the general availability of SIP management via its ReliaTel VoIP quality of service and Converged Infrastructure Management software. The SIP operational tools enhances the ReliaTel basic competency of managing voice quality, network service levels and voice and data processing infrastructure in the ‘’end- to-end’’ mode, by means of factual technology mix.
SIP technology is becoming a real fundament for deploying and implementing unified communications concept, attached with the features of complete mobility, collaboration and telepresence ones.

Tone's ReliaTel solution is reported to be as the platform-agnostic, elaborated VoIP QoS and converged infrastructure management system in a unified solution, being available in a fully-hosted or turnkey deployment. ReliaTel's SIP management enables customers to monitor the Quality of Service of associated VoIP call traffic as they outreach their corporate WAN/LAN connectivity, additionally executing elements of malfunctions diagnostic and performance of the SIP connected devices and links.

These ReliaTel's capabilities to monitor and diagnose VoIP QoS in real-time ensure immediate awareness of provisional quality drops at the SIP trunk, and the certain indicators and facts associated with the quality or service. Handled with such a data, technical experts can engage SIP providers earlier and work directly with their carrier or Internet Telephony Service Provider to resolve the actual quality faults, rather than wasting time seeking for wrong root cause, they assume is originating within their own network. Therefore, quality matters are resolved more rapidly, with far less negative impact to overall business communications.

ReliaTel unified communications network management also makes users to monitor and manage their physical SIP architecture -- including session border controllers, gateways and softswitches -- for device and hardware optimal performance, link status and operational statistics. This ensures the physical network is available and capable of moving the voice traffic between SIP trunks and the corporate VoIP network. ReliaTel's high VoIP QoS and service level reporting abilities enable technicians to easily track trends in voice quality, availability, utilization and performance of their SIP trunks over time. These metrics can be invaluable in validating the SLA compliance of their SIP carrier or ITSP, or to document non-compliance with SLA commitments.

Available immediately, ReliaTel SIP management is provided within the core capabilities of the ReliaTel VoIP QoS Management and Converged Network Management core application.

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