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New VoIP gateway from Sangoma

New VoIP gateway from Sangoma
Canadian company Sangoma Technologies Corporation, a prominent provider of firmware and software designed for server-based voice and data communication applications, announced about market introduction of Sangoma NetBorder Express VoIP Gateway 3.0, the latest release of its award-winning NetBorder Express Gateway commodities line.
NetBorder Express VoIP Gateway 3.0 is an perfect connectivity provider for software-based PBX applications. Due to embedding of NetBorder into the same server as the provisional PBX, Sangoma partners and clients takes the advantages from closer integration of different existing telecom applications. This delivers the full scale option to built up and configure PBX systems in the most possible cost- effective way.

NetBorder Express VoIP Gateway 3.0, is being available under the Microsoft Windows operating system, also now supports Microsoft's Office Communications Server (OCS) Wave 14. In fact, customers currently operating with the newer OCS platform can now organically incorporate NetBorder for a more unified communications solution.

"Sangoma strives to keep a step ahead of the market as it continues to mature. We saw the need for a product that provides an enhanced level of functionality and integration with existing telephony functions, while remaining simple to manage," said Frederic Dickey, Director of Marketing and Product Management at Sangoma. "NetBorder Express Gateway 3.0 provides this and more, and underscores Sangoma's continued commitment to developing solutions that meet the business objectives of our customers, while continuing to push the envelope and evolve the IP PBX industry as a whole."

NetBorder Express is a conjunction of Sangoma's telephony cards and software building packages, which provides unique SIP to TDM VoIP Gateway solution. VoIP providers now can implement the NetBorder gateways on their communications platforms for SIP-based applications such as IP PBX, IVRs, as well as conferencing servers.

New features of NetBorder Express VoIP Gateway 3.0 are:

- Transport Layer Security (TLS) and SRTP (Secure Real-Time Transport (SRTP) for secure communications
-Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) Management Information Bases (MIB) for operating and running with corporate management platforms -Foreign Exchange Station (FXS) support for Sangoma's A200 boards
-Bandwidth saving capabilities enabled by silence suppression and comfort noise generation

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