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New VoIP products from CyberData

New VoIP products from CyberData
CyberData Corp. announced the launch of new VoIP equipment: VoIP Indoor Keypad Intercom with Night Ringer, these devices are the organic development of company’s line of SIP Endpoints to address the growing customers' demands. Devices are available in flush or wall mount modes.
Official release states that innovations are logical continuation of the line of SIP intercom devices, which includes the Outdoor, Emergency and Indoor Intercoms, unifies the functions of the current line of intercoms with a specified 12-key keypad with programmable speed dial and ensures local and remote secure door lock control.

"It's exciting to be able to expand our intercom line and deliver devices that customers have been asking for," said CyberData CEO and President, Phil Lembo. "This device has all the additional features that customers have been wanting as well." Extra features now include priority multicast paging on the basis of priority selection, a push to talk option, night ringer functionality and event reporting, as well as internet based updating for hardware and user chosen dial tones.

CyberData Corp. is an OEM design and vendor company that produces and develops remote and peripheral devices for VoIP phone systems that speed up legacy migration to VoIP, delivers IP equivalents to current analog phone devices and utilizes Unified Communications-based Application Specific Endpoints.

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