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New VoIP technology product from Aptela

New VoIP technology product from Aptela
Company Aptela has announced the general availability of its product Aptela v5.3, the latest cloud based calling platform. Aptela v5.3 is operationally designed to deliver the ultimate control on business communications for merely all small to medium enterprises.
Ann Santorios, Vice President of Aptela stated, “With the release of Aptela v5.3, our customers now have the enhanced call control capabilities they need to easily manage their business communications, no matter their location. We are pleased to continue to offer the latest innovations in calling functionality to meet the needs of small businesses and mobile workers on-the-go.”

The improvements in Aptela v5.3 consists with functionality ‘’Find Me List Management’’, enabling users to create and manage a designated Find Me List in frames of intuitive User Dashboard; with service ‘’Follow Me’’, which temporarily overrides an built up Find Me List, by means of redirecting all calls to a designated phone number or extension.

Another news service is option of ‘’Do Not Disturb’’, for overriding a Find Me List, redirecting all calls to voicemail, accompanied with ‘’Smart Find Me List’’ managing the ultimate right to handle the phone calls.

Aptela’s v5.3 functionality of ‘’Department Recording’’ designed for call recording to particular Departments, allowing a business to enable/disable call recording at the department level. This is an excellent tool for coaching and training. Next feature is ‘’Firefox Plug in’’ providing clients with click-to-call capabilities. The plug-in adds the Aptela icon right to the Firefox toolbar, allowing access from one’s browser.

As an inventor of hosted PBX and VoIP, Aptela delivers small businesses the tools needed to intuitively manage and take control of their business communications via VoIP phone systems. Built up in Erlang/OTP, and using CouchDB as its data store, the Aptela v5 platform executes the huge potential of cloud computing with horizontal scaling, ample fault-tolerance and a remarkably high degree of concurrency. The platform delivers a large array of APIs that unifies communications for Aptela’s clientele by integrating calling into their existing business processes. All conjoined, Aptela has rebuilt the new platform from the ground up implementing the technologies best suited to deliver a high quality customer experience.

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