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New VoIP wholesale switch released by ALOE systems

New VoIP wholesale switch released by ALOE systems
Company ALOE Systems (former MERA Systems) has launched a new functional version of MVTS II, omni-functional VoIP wholesale softswitch with intelligent routing and billing functionality. MVTS II version 1.4.1 consists with a numerous new features, including advanced billing and accounting machinery, optimized Traffic Switch category, updated rate change notifications feature and an option to efficiently maintain dial peers.
A new release contains completely new advanced billing and discount mechanism. It allows users to configure flexible billing policies that allow carriers to modify rates depending on the amount of traffic used within a particular period as well as flexible call cost calculation algorithms. 

Additionally MVTS I v 1.4.1 provides the option of blocking of dial peers in situations when their ASR, ABR or ACD values get below preconfigured thresholds or their peer appeal values exceed allowed maximum.

A totally new category of items named “Traffic Switch” was in-built into the MVTS II web-interface. The elements of this category bring up data taken directly from the switching subsystem: active calls – this table shows data about currently active calls; registrations – provides data about equipment currently registered with the MVTS II; and active nodes – shows the list of active Traffic Switch nodes and other related data.

The new release appears along with the revised the rate change notification feature. Currently the category of objects “Origination” features the subcategory “Rate changes” that consists of three objects: rate change reports - for manual creation of reports on changes in the rates for destinations; report templates - for creation of report templates used in CSV and XLS files; and report schedules - to configure the System for unattended creation of rate change reports. Thoroughly tested in ALOE Systems’ laboratories, MVTS II version 1.4.1 is proved to be responsible machinery and user- friendly product.

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