World VoIP NewsNew Web Smart Switches for VLAN from D-LinkNew Web Smart Switches for VLAN from D-Link

New Web Smart Switches for VLAN from D-Link

New Web Smart Switches for VLAN from D-Link
Company D-Link, being the designer, producer and vendor of networking, broadband, wireless, data and VoIP communications, converged connectivity solutions for the business and residential customers, announced about launch of its DES-1210 and DGS-1210 Series switches, designed for small business VoIP and digital implementations to get an enterprise level functionality. These new switches appear with advanced security in-built modes, dedicated bandwidth management functions, and sophisticated VLAN Support.
Harrison Albert the regional director at D-Link Middle East and Africa said."The D-Link Web Smart Switch series provides many of the features found in managed switches at a much lower total cost of ownership. Broad management options, advanced security features and VLAN support are just a few of the features that make Web Smart Switches an excellent choice for small and medium businesses interested in managing their network effectively and inexpensively,”

The new releases of Web Smart III Switches are aimed to construct a secure and productive network environment at an affordable price. Web Smart Switches consists of a comprehensive array of management features in synergy with a user friendly and intuitive user interface for direct configuration. The switches are easy to use by novice and expert administrators alike with a wide sets of operational options for keeping their network running securely and efficiently. It contains an Internet management interface, as well as SmartConsole utility, which is reported to ensure really intuitive management for administrators to manage a network of a considerable size, that might otherwise present difficulties.

Additionally, Web Smart Switches are reported to enhance the security by means of access control lists (ACL), making sensitive network resources to be available only to authorized users. It find out and block intruders that attempt to steal data or send fake ARP packages that could disrupt network traffic. This defense methods allows the switch to remain operable even while under attack. These switches are also robust enough to screen rogue DHCP server packets to prevent unauthorized IP assignments.

Company’s official statement also informs about the Web Smart Switches to guarantee fast and efficient networking by maintaining bottlenecks and controlling network bandwidth. Regardless of the installation scenario, reliability is ensured through Loopback Detection (LBD) and cable diagnostics. It also streamlines bandwidth using Quality of Service (QoS) optimizations to shape and manage traffic. Asymmetric VLAN support allows these switches to direct unlike or unequal bandwidth across different VLANs. All Web Smart Switches operates almost silently due to smart fan design which reduces power consumption. Single LEDs per port informs about operational status at a glance and help to save electricity.

D-Link’s announces also about the availability of its new Web Smart Switches for Fast Ethernet (DES-1210 Series) or Gigabit Ethernet (DGS-1210 Series) applications in numerous handy port configurations. The latest applications support several languages including simplified and traditional Chinese, French, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, and German.

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