World VoIP NewsOperational partnership between VoIP suppliers Avaya and JCIOperational partnership between VoIP suppliers Avaya and JCI

Operational partnership between VoIP suppliers Avaya and JCI

Operational partnership between VoIP suppliers Avaya and JCI
Business communications giant Avaya, being the global provider of services and solutions, announced that Johnson Controls (JCI) is about to upgrade Avaya Aura® as the company’s modern IP Telephony platform of the Worldwide deployment. This will ensure new functionalities and a solution that backs up the company’s operational focusing on most modern telecommunication technologies and lower costs. Avaya Global Services will create, deploy and manage the entire commitment, which will expand geographically to over 1000 locations and 75,000 workers from three central hubs in Asia-Pacific, North America and Europe.
The agreement enhances current Avaya relationship with JCI as the company substitutes its existing PBX utilities with the Avaya Aura unified communications platform. JCI and Avaya have had a business partnership for more than 10 years and both companies are quite happy with this extension of the agreements.

“Avaya Aura will assist JCI get to a whole new horizons of communications capabilities that have a massive potential to positively impact their business,” said Joel Hackney, senior vice president, Global Sales and Marketing and president, Field Operations, Avaya. “Avaya Global Services will also be with them every step of the way to help ensure they have an unparalleled experience that maximizes that potential. We are thrilled that JCI has decided to extend its relationship with us.”

The Avaya Unified Communication and Collaboration solutions being implemented by JCI include: Avaya Aura unified communications architecture with Session Manager, Communication Manager, Presence Services, Application Enablement Services, System Platform, Avaya Branch Gateway, Avaya Meeting Exchange, EC500, IBM Sametime Integration, Avaya one-X® Mobile and Avaya Aura Conferencing.


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