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Orange reveals incomes from Care service

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Orange gains €200m revenues from customer care services.
Orange has admitted to generating annual revenues of €200 million from the three million customers it has signed up to its Orange Care service.

As customers find smartphones increasingly important to their everyday lives, Orange has promoted its 'lifecycle' customer care service across user support issues, contacts, data transfer and back up, as well as insurance.

Olaf Swantee, senior VP, France Telecom, said that the success of the Orange Care approach showed that operators could turn what had previously been a cost base--customer care--into a revenue centre.

"We have 90,000 people working in our call centre and retail distribution outlets and most of these people are quite reactive today. But they could bring a huge difference to the new market," Swantee said to Mobile Europe.

While 75 per cent of Orange users have yet to access the mobile internet, Swantee said there was a big demand for customer care services to help users with any difficulties they encounter. Even 15 to 20 per cent of people that buy an iPhone request a customer care starter pack, he said, adding that this is for a device that is recognised as being user friendly.

Notably, the Orange exec added that handset vendors, such as Nokia, had assisted Orange in establishing its customer care service.

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