World VoIP NewsPAETEC deploys VoIP products suit from TektronixPAETEC deploys VoIP products suit from Tektronix

PAETEC deploys VoIP products suit from Tektronix

PAETEC deploys VoIP products suit from Tektronix
Enterprise ‘’Tektronix Communications’’, a prominent global provider of telecommunications testing and Network Intelligence solutions, has distributed the press release about its Iris suite of products to be chosen by PAETEC, a Fortune 1000 company that delivers full array of communications bundles for more than 50,000 businesses of all sizes, as well as for different organizations and institutions. PAETEC is looking forward to implement the products for the process of active and passive end-to-end monitoring and troubleshooting throughout its network presented in 86 of the top 100 MSAs (Main Support Areas) in the U.S.
PAETEC has taken Tektronix Communications’ Iris products to ensure Key Performance Indicators for a multifaceted approach to the end-to-end network performance. So, for instance, configurable software platform IrisView provides an integrated backup for all applications, such as feeds to customer experience management (CEM) applications and third party OSS, BSS applications. Moreover, the Iris suite delivers complete and precise correlation of every call to ensure all associated messages for a session are stockpiled and analyzed.

“Focused on the ultimate quality of experience for their clients, PAETEC needed better visibility into their network and services to be capable to figure out the issues and proactively address in a rapid and effective manner,” said Mark Driedger, Vice President, Network Management, Tektronix Communications. “Not only were we able to cooperate with PAETEC in the applying of our products, but also to provide best practices and help PAETEC re-configure some of their operational processes across numerous departments to ensure a maximum return on their investment.” PAETEC will implement GeoProbe network assurance platform which will enable PAETEC to meet quality performance issues in a most efficient way by means of real-time alerts and continuous historical analysis. As the element of the solution, PAETEC will initiate the practical deployment of Tektronix Communications’ Active Assurance suite, which contains DirectQuality and the PowerProbe 6000, to simulate customers on their network and test all the pace to the customer locations. Leveraging these tools, PAETEC will be enabled to fulfill so called loop-back tests to CPE applications to track down and assure the highest customer quality of experience. PAETEC can also proactively test their crucial network by permanent running of the test calls from one SBC location to another, verifying Echo, Noise, Perceptual Evaluation of Speech Quality (Mean Opinion Score) etc.

“Operating with Tektronix Communications should enable us to solve issues impacting our customers faster and more efficiently, resulting in savings, but more importantly, increased customer satisfaction,” said Deborah Crawford, Vice President, Applications Development, PAETEC. “Our team at Tektronix Communications ensured us that their solutions were scalable to meet the growth of our company while giving unmatched service to our customers.”

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