Enterprise Parallels, the prominent industry player in segment of hosted and cloud services, has announced the release of Parallels Automation 5.4, the most modern hosting and cloud services handling tool deployed by several hundreds of service providers globally. 
Parallels Automation 5.4 is a combination of telecommunications and collaboration capabilities, including complete virtual PBX  solution for providing  hosted BroadSoft BroadWorks PBX supported by package of Microsoft Lync services. These features are created specifically to address the expanding demands of small and medium sized companies for hosted PBX and associated cloud solutions.

In accordance with the Parallels SMB Cloud research, the market for hosted telecoms and integrated services has demonstrated a 75% annual growth in 2012, getting $2.5B and is expected to carry a 35% CAGR up to 2014. The innovative hosted communications and collaboration features in Parallels Automation 5.4 empowers providers  of any size to deploy widely sought PBX services, combined with business email, and other multimedia services. These packets are designed to address the communications needs of SMBs, in format of replacing a legacy PBX system or shifting to their original bottom line PBX service.

Parallels has also optimized the provisioning of these services by cooperation with most famous providers to bring up maximum flexibility and enhanced capabilities. Hosters can select to collaborate these services with their particular BroadSoft Broadworks solution, or deploy wholesale services from  Apptix, Alteva and Sipcom. Also Parallels Automation 5.4 introduces hosted Microsoft Lync capabilities, addressing nearly 200 million employees of SMBs globally who desire to leverage cloud-based messaging, and unified communications thru desks, laptops and mobile hardware. Microsoft Lync also contains built-in web and call conferencing utilities and is an organic move to those SMBs already implementing Microsoft Exchange in any format of deployment.

Parallels Automation 5.4 ensures billing automation and all related operations of other hosted Microsoft services, along with the integration of other hosted third-party products from major ISVs.'Parallels Automation keeps the way to be a competitive partner for Apptix and an essential reason why blue chip channel partners are referring to Apptix to boost up their cloud performance,' stated Joy Nemitz, Chief Marketing Officer, Apptix. 'It ensure a unified platform for provisioning, handling, and billing of all asset form cloud services and makes us to surpass all competitors to market with new packages and capabilities for instance as Microsoft Lync.' 'Parallels Automation is the excellent platform of choice for service providers looking for profit from the fast expanding opportunity for cloud services,' added  Jack Zubarev, President of Parallels.

'With the deployment of hosted PBX, Parallels Automation is bringing even more options for service providers to address ever growing needs of SMBs.' In an organic support to the Hosted PBX and Microsoft Lync capabilities, Parallels Automation 5.4 also provides array of enhancements, such as Updated Control Panel, when end-user control panel is totally upgraded. Different operational scenarios have been optimized in accordance with customer feedback. New self-service features deliver Parallels Automation to be more efficient for both the service provider and end-point customers.

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