World VoIP NewsPartnership between Baldwin and Calix E7 on Broadband Stimulus ProjectPartnership between Baldwin and Calix E7 on Broadband Stimulus Project

Partnership between Baldwin and Calix E7 on Broadband Stimulus Project

Partnership between Baldwin and Calix E7 on Broadband Stimulus Project
Company Baldwin Telecom Inc., being the Broadband Stimulus award winner, has chosen the Calix E7 Ethernet Service Access Platform (ESAP) to implement advanced broadband services. The BTI Broadband Stimulus award included more than $9 million in whole investments, consisting with $4.5 million in loans and another $4.5 million in grants via the Broadband Initiative Program (BIP) and the Rural Utilities Service (RUS), as well as $121 thousand in private investment.
This impressive project will leverage gigabit passive optical network (GPON) technology to deliver next generation fiber services, such as voice, video, and high speed data services, to more than 1,500 previously uncovered households, small businesses, and institutions in Troy, State of Wisconsin.

“For years, the town of Troy had been looking for ways to bring advanced broadband services to their community, and we are excited to now be bringing world class broadband services to its citizens,” said Larry Knegendorf, manager at BTI, in a press release.

“As the first telco in the state of Wisconsin to deploy fiber access technology to its residential customers in 2002, we know what it takes to successfully roll out an advanced broadband infrastructure, and we also know the tremendous benefits it can bring to a community,” said Knegendorf.

As per officials, the company has selected a partner with more fiber access configurations than any other vendor into US, as well as a product line of fiber technologies that will ensure the inhabitants of Troy one of the most modern broadband array in the country.

Representatives from Calix said that the modular, EXA Powered Calix E7-2 is an all- Ethernet, environmentally hardened, high capacity fiber access platform condensed into a highly flexible, small form factor. As per press releases, the E7-2 is only one rack unit (RU) high, BTI can deploy it in hard-to-reach places, retrofit it into existing assets, or instead implement multiple E7-2s modularly as a virtual, highly scalable platform managed as a single Internet protocol (IP) address.

BTI will deploy the E7-2s in synergy with Calix 725 ONTs, suited for delivering enhanced interactive video services by means of integrated radio frequency over glass (RFOG) technology, voice services, as well as advanced data services to consumers.

“BTI’s deployment to the residents and businesses of Troy, Wisconsin is a great example of what Broadband Stimulus is all about – bringing advanced broadband services to communities that needed and wanted it, but for some reason were bypassed by the information superhighway,” said John Colvin, vice president of field operations at Calix.

Colvin stated that this project should be used for advantages of the whole community, and shows the leadership and innovation that BTI has permanently demonstrated in bringing advanced broadband services everywhere in region.

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