World VoIP NewsPartnership between VoIP vendor SpliceCom and SCOPE in Middle East regionPartnership between VoIP vendor SpliceCom and SCOPE in Middle East region

Partnership between VoIP vendor SpliceCom and SCOPE in Middle East region

Partnership between VoIP vendor SpliceCom and SCOPE in Middle East region
VoIP communications vendor SpliceCom has selected enterprise Scope Middle East as the authorized distributor for the Middle East region. ‘’Scope’’ is a regional distributor of advanced information technology solutions in the Middle East and North Africa. The company has focused and accumulated considerable expertise in advanced Network technology and Security Solutions.
Enterprises have signed a partnership agreement, imposing ‘’Scope’’ as the promoter and facilitator of the regional market-share for SpliceCom’s applications from ‘Pure IP’ next- generation communication systems products line. Scope will distribute the entire range of SpliceCom’s portfolio including maximiser Telephony Platforms, Proactive Communication Station (PCS) Business Phones, Vision Business Management Application Suite and Vision Call Center.

It is being estimated, that Middle East has a great VoIP telecoms business potential, as regional enterprises are realizing the huge advantages of unified communications and IP telephony technology and are phasing out their traditional PBX. SpliceCom was seeking a distribution partner with a strong presence and understanding of the local market, wide partner network, a high level of specialized technical expertise in the communication technology field and a solid customer base, as per SpliceCom official release: “Scope Middle East ticked every box.”

Fadi AbuEkab, CEO SCOPE stated that SpliceCom has a unique enterprise level portfolio of products and solutions, such as award winning ‘’Maximiser’’ application that is able to scale up to hundreds of thousands VoIP or analogue extensions, making it a quite lucrative offer for businesses with future expansion plans. “SpliceCom adds a new and exciting dimension to our existing offerings and we are confident that there will be a big uptake of this technology from existing and potential customers in the region,” AbuEkab said.

SpliceCom is the only UK based company to design, develop and manufacture "Pure IP" next-generation communication systems. Maximiser is a business telephone system, designed and developed for companies requiring between 4 and 100,000 or more IP or analogue extensions. SpliceCom officials noted, that Vision Call Center is a complimentary product that delivers a single seamless solution with SpliceCom’s maximiser unified communications platforms and combines advanced call routing with reporting and management to optimize every aspect of inbound call centre operation. Moreover, SpliceCom’s Web-based application called Vision Business Management Application Suite offers a ‘business dashboard’ for organizations of all sizes, providing a comprehensive array of real-time information and historical reports. At the beginning 2011 the company rolled out ‘’Spectrum’’: a universal architecture for managed solutions powered by Maximiser.

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