World VoIP NewsPatton Electronics selects eXtremeDB IMDS for integration into own solutionsPatton Electronics selects eXtremeDB IMDS for integration into own solutions

Patton Electronics selects eXtremeDB IMDS for integration into own solutions

Patton Electronics selects eXtremeDB IMDS for integration into own solutions
Multi-national Company Patton Electronics, working in the matters of design, development and manufacturing of telecommunications equipment, announced its commitment to integrate the eXtremeDB IMDS throughout the range of IPLink IP router and SmartNode voice-over-IP (VoIP) technology.
eXtremeDB In- Memory Database System (IMDS) is specifically created by McObject, a substantial provider of data management technology that makes VoIP applications and devices smarter. Representatives from MsObject explained that the eXtremeDB is an ultra-small footprint, in-memory database system (IMDS) created specifically for real-time applications and for integrated systems such as set-top boxes, telecom equipment, consumer electronics and other connected gadgets. The eXtremeDB real- time database considerably diminish RAM and CPU demands and offers merely unsurpassed performance, reliability and scalability.

After the sought integration, eXtremeDB will be utilized in nearly all of Pattonn’s networking devices, such as IPLink line of T1, broadband and DSL routers as well as the Patton’s SmartNode session border controller technology for VoIP. Patton’s IPLink high-speed IP-router solutions enables businesses and remote offices to ‘link up for less’. Every IPLink router embeds powerful IP-router protocol & security features into an affordable, user friendly and compact low-cost broadband router. Patton’s SmartNode gateways provide organizations with next-generation VoIP technologies that can be integrated with existing digital ISDN and analog POTS infrastructures. This type of technology is merely ideal in today's circumstances due to refrain of most companies to replace their existing voice networks when deploying a unified communication solution.

Representatives from company commented that they reviewed several off-the-shelf embedded database solutions, and found eXtremeDB to most closely fit with what they desired top execute. eXtremeDB delivered scalability and low overhead, and a key deciding factor between the systems they reviewed was the event notifications feature that eXtremeDB provides. It was critical for them to have a change from one process trigger an event in another process.

McObject claimed that it developed eXtremeDB from scratch to satisfy this sector’s stringent demands, and feedback from customers in telecom and networking has helped the company to continuously improve its performance, reliability and developer flexibility.

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