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PeoplesTel latest shut in state VoIP blitz

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The Bangladesh Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (BTRC) shut down fixed line operator PeoplesTel under allegations of involvement in illegal VoIP operations, reports
The move followed the BTRC’s shut-down of largest alternative telco RanksTel on 19 March for the same alleged reasons, and similar service suspensions following VoIP-related raids on the premises of two other operators, WorldTel on 17 March, and Dhaka Phone on 14 March.

Yesterday (Monday) the regulator said it would restore the lines of the four privately owned PSTN operators, but only on condition that each submit a ‘certified’ subscribers list. RanksTel has around 280,000 subscribers, PeoplesTel around 140,000, Dhaka Phone about 75,000 and WorldTel some 14,000.

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