World VoIP NewsPolycom presents new gadgets for Microsoft Communications Server 14Polycom presents new gadgets for Microsoft Communications Server 14

Polycom presents new gadgets for Microsoft Communications Server 14

Polycom Gives Microsoft Partners a First Look at the Expanded Capabilities of Solutions for Microsoft Communications Server "14"
Polycom CX500, 600 and 3000 IP Phones Exclusively Integrate Microsoft Unified Communications and Polycom HD Voice for Desktops and Conference Rooms

On July 11-15, in Washington, D.C. leaders of IP and IT technologies convened for the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) 2010.

Company Polycom, Inc., a global leader in conferencing and all forms of communications, presented so called ‘’The Polycom CX” series, which includes two brand new network-based IP desktop phones (CX500 and CX600) and the industry's first and only IP conference phone (CX3000) designed for Microsoft Communications Server "14."

Three new phones are reported to be most ergonomic and intensive features set for Microsoft Comms Server 14. Telepresence in all possible forms like video and voice communications, instant messaging, web conferencing is fostered by new CX IP phones in a unified, affordable way.

Polycom announced about continuing integration of different solutions in frames of other Microsoft areas, such as MC Outlook, MC Exchange Server, MC Share point Server, as the matter to optimize and simplify the process of scheduling, recordings, streaming and content sharing.

Features of CX IP Phones are
  • Photo-enabled contact information for effective partners recognition
  • Visual voicemail option, allowing users to decline unwanted voicemails
  • ‘’One- click’’ calendar information on phone and join meetings are visible on screen
  • Automatic synchronization of call logs between phone and the Communicator "14" PC customer, saving users time by reducing the number of look-ups
  • Device’s PIN identification is simplified ;
  • Comfortable USB connectivity (CX600 and CX3000) to an designated PC, enabling single sign-in, click-to-dial from a PC and audio coordination between phone and PC.

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