World VoIP NewsPolycom releases innovative video conferencing White Board  utility Polycom releases innovative video conferencing White Board utility

Polycom releases innovative video conferencing White Board utility

Polycom releases innovative video conferencing White Board  utility
Enterprise Polycom, being the major provider of standards-based unified communications (UC) solution, has released the technology cutting edge product named as the Whiteboard solution, which is designed for users to leverage their existing video display screens and mobile hardware as mutually collaborating interactive whiteboards for video signal processing, so massively improving communication in video conferencing appliance, the Polycom UC Board.
Classical whiteboards are not effective in video conferencing because distant and remote attendees have difficulties to see the content. Polycom’s integrated video collaboration whiteboard conjoins a plug-and-play receiver and stylus for convenient implementation, and features commonly compact design for mobility. The solution makes LCD monitors and display screens to be a video whiteboard space so each conferences attendee can stay fully involved in the event. “The Polycom UC Board is the very first integrated video collaboration solution to back up the sharing of whiteboard content as easy as picking up a pen,” said Sudhakar Ramakrishna, executive vice president and general manager of UC solutions and chief development officer, Polycom,“That's excellent news for organizations of all kinds looking to bring remote employees and clientele in a sales presentation, brainstorm, planning meeting, or training class with clear access to all the visual content being presented and discussed.’’ The Unified Communications Board specific software organically suits with the latest Polycom RealPresence Room HDX solutions to share content naturally, conveniently and easily. A sophisticated open video collaboration solution optimized for small and medium sized businesses, Polycom’s RealPresence Ready ensures quality video collaboration at the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO), as boasted by company officials. Users can also share files and contents such as a presentation, and use the Polycom UC Board to write, annotate or highlight key points, right on top of the presentation for everyone to see in real-time. The Whiteboard Software Solution has multiple customer niches throughout different professions and industries. For instance, it helps an architect sketch the concept of a green construction, a doctor to explain a diagnosis or procedure to a patient, a student to solve a problem with a remote classmate, and advertising execute to brainstorm creative storyboards and design layouts. The Polycom UC Board is of friendly and intuitive use. It has a compact design with a compact infrared sensor that sticks to a whiteboard or LCD screen, and a wireless stylus that meeting hosts can use to design, write, and annotate just as they would use any pen or marker. It allows users to share their work smoothly with any standards-based system, including tablets, without the need for a gateway or conversion software. As part of the solution, Polycom is implementing eBeam technology from enterprise Luidia Inc, the global vendor of interactive applications. eBeam transfers different common flat surfaces into collaborative workspaces where the capture, saving, and sharing of digital content is made easy. Today, hundreds of thousands of eBeam systems are in use across numerous entities worldwide.

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