World VoIP NewsPrimus expands its VoIP and traditional telephony services into Puerto RicoPrimus expands its VoIP and traditional telephony services into Puerto Rico

Primus expands its VoIP and traditional telephony services into Puerto Rico

Primus expands its VoIP and traditional telephony services into Puerto Rico
Primus Telecommunications Group, Inc. a substantial integrated facilities-based manufacturer of advanced communications products and services, has released the announcement that company is looking forward to expand workforce by more than 50 new sales agents to concentrate on promoting its new digital phone services, including a fully managed hosted PBX (Private Branch Exchange) to small- and medium-sized enterprises in Puerto Rico.
‘’Puerto- Rico's concentration of numerous small- and medium-sized businesses represents a significant opportunity for Primus to serve a market that has been largely underserved from a telecommunications perspective," said Primus Vice President of Sales Kevin Weber. "This expanding focus on serving the needs of small- and medium- sized businesses is part of Primus' ongoing commitment to being a leading provider of advanced communication solutions, including traditional and IP voice and data services. These services are ideal for businesses with multiple branches, telecommuters or work- at-home employees and high-growth companies that may require a change in office locations as they grow."

Primus will organize a dedicated technology for all current and potential sales representatives at the Sheraton Puerto Rico Hotel & Casino to showcase the array of new products & services. These consist with new "plug & play" digital phone service for medium and small businesses attached with all extras such as emails and faxes. Primus' new hosted PBX appeared to be an advanced voice and data application concentrated in a highly pickproof data hosting center; being a turn-key managed solution that brings up all the functionality of a impeccable PBX system, but offers more efficiency and enhancements without organizations having to invest upfront money as it is associated with traditional phone systems.

This makes companies to readdress funds in growing and development rather than in a phone system. Other generous advantages of Primus-hosted PBX services are as follows:

1. Voice and Web services can be merged within single high-speed broadband access circuit.
2. Existing infrastructure can be used for services and no extra hardware purchase is needed.
3. Well proven Cisco and Polycom VoIP handsets are provided without upfront capital investment, meaning best quality of service
4. One-stop solution that does not require dispersed effort to get technical support and maintenance, ensure by 24/7 customer service
5. Business Continuity assurance provides the option to reroute telecommunications traffic to other numbers: services can be changed or added without extra imposed fees.

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