World VoIP NewsPrivateWave releases VoIP anti-tapping solution against industrial espionagePrivateWave releases VoIP anti-tapping solution against industrial espionage

PrivateWave releases VoIP anti-tapping solution against industrial espionage

PrivateWave releases VoIP anti-tapping solution against industrial espionage
Company PrivateWave, being the expert in secure voice communications, launches an anti-tapping solution, created to ensure the secured transfer of information in mobile, VoIP or associated networks, in order to protect businesses from the leaks of sensitive information - a hottest issue than ever, with industrial espionage estimated to cost international businesses over 126 billion pounds annually, as experts says.
By implementing its dedicated ‘ ’ PrivateGSM’ ’ software, PrivateWave has created the Enterprise VoIP Security Suite (EVSS) which is aimed to secure voice communications between landline VoIP phones and mobile handsets devices, shielding business data. The software is compatible with Nokia, iPhone and Blackberry mobile devices and it is expected to be compatible with Android based devices soon.

The advent of the EVSS is the outcome of the encrypting patterns of mobile communications and the implementing of new secure VoIP solutions. This mutually integrated unified system guarantees complete protection of voice communications from breaching, keeping closed all PBX conversations from landline VoIP phones to mobile devices and in opposite direction, resulting in highest level of privacy of all customers conversations.

"With traditional channels of identity theft now closing, individuals are increasingly targeting unprotected voice conversations to obtain confidential information as it is almost always uncharted territory for businesses when considering security options," says Carlo Marchini, CEO, PrivateWave. "Recent wiretapping or 'phone hacking' stories reported in the media reveal how easy it has become for individuals to create low-cost illegal phone tapping systems and how this type of interception is a growing threat," he adds. "It has therefore become increasingly important, particularly from a financial and business point of view, for companies to adopt a robust anti- tapping solution that will protect these private conversations." Born as the merger of zerozero39 and the former Khamsa Italia, PrivateWave's intentions for the UK market are part of a well shaped company strategy to enhance its performance in foreign markets and in sectors such as business enterprise, public and non-profit organizations.

Marchini concludes: "Our Enterprise VoIP Security Suite is the first solution in the world able to secure company mobile-PBX and fixed phone conversations which are often at risk of illegal tapping. Bringing our solution to the UK market is an exciting opportunity for us and we are confident it will be a success".

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