World VoIP NewsRailroad Company Amtrak selects solutions from VoIP provider EmpirixRailroad Company Amtrak selects solutions from VoIP provider Empirix

Railroad Company Amtrak selects solutions from VoIP provider Empirix

Railroad Company Amtrak selects solutions from VoIP provider Empirix
Empirix Inc., the market leader in VoIP telecommunications market, announced that company Amtrak, United States biggest passenger railroad, has chosen the Empirix® OneSight® Voice Quality Assurance solution to monitor Amtrak’s voice network to detect and prevent voice communications shortfalls before they affect routine operations. Once it is being emphasized on ensuring Amtrak’s telephony systems operate as they have to, the OneSight Voice Quality Assurance solution makes the enterprise to proactively maintain voice quality and the quality of experience (QoE) continuosly.
“In an industry where the competition is stiff—we compete with various methods of travel, land and air alike—it is imperative that we ensure a high quality customer experience”

Amtrak operates on more than 500 destinations in 46 states and three Canadian provinces exceeding 21,000 miles of railroads. Commonly, more than 74,000 passengers ride an Amtrak train daily, and more than 45,000 passengers call into the Amtrak 24/7 Service Center every day. High call volume impose massively weighted importance placed on delivering high customer QoE, it is of the utmost significance that the Service Center connects caller to relevant agent in an appropriate amount of time, while also ensuring the best quality for the customer from end-to-end.

Empirix’s One Sight Voice Quality Assurance solution makes tailored and thoroughly adjusted measurements and reporting on the call experience and figures out voice quality issues that other solutions cannot calculate, providing telephony managers with a dedicated, on-line view of the operating server. By means of a preset dashboard, the OneSight Voice Quality Assurance solution makes organizations to view the realistic indicators of their telephony servers, thus simplifying the further actions, aimed to sub-areas where a voice quality relayed issues may appear, therefore fixing them in a timely manner. As a result, organizations can prevent end-user frustration, thus enhancing the customer QoE.

“Ninety percent of Amtrak’s diagnostic testing that finds problems between its IVR applications and back-end data systems are now fully automated by Empirix,” said Tim Moynihan, vice president of marketing, Enterprise business unit, Empirix. “Using our solution, Amtrak can update their IVRs and test them in a pre-deployment phase, allowing them to ensure the call happens as it should. With Empirix, Amtrak is able to obtain reports that illustrate server activity through the preset dashboard, helping them identify issues long before they can impact the end- user—all with a cost effective solution. By implementing our solution to ensure voice quality from end-to-end, Amtrak clearly demonstrates their commitment to providing the best customer experience.”

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