World VoIP NewsReal PBX relies on Unified Communications concept for promoting VoIP mobilityReal PBX relies on Unified Communications concept for promoting VoIP mobility

Real PBX relies on Unified Communications concept for promoting VoIP mobility

Real PBX relies on Unified Communications concept for promoting VoIP mobility
Enterprise Real PBX, being the well renowned industry player in matters of Hosted PBX VOIP Services is taking another step in terms of mobility with Unified Communications. Company is implementing UC services to deliver impeccable Hosted PBX services in order to boost its customer base by moving business telecommunications higher in terms of quality and associated features.

Business enterprises look at the mobility as the essential parameter, when remote workforce is becoming the integrals part of a business daily procedures. The Real PBX is one of the several leading Hosted PBX Service Providers that fully keep under control the operational scenario and are crucially focused on improving business communication for their customers by launching it more advanced and well equipped with most modern features and functionalities.

In general, clients of The Real PBX are budding business enterprises that have employees who work from home or constantly have to travel for projects facilitating. The Real PBX is targeted at fulfilling the requirements of such entrepreneurs with its Unified Communications.

The Real PBX is adhered to the relevant technology and authorized technicians to connect remote users throughout the globe to fully deploy the potential of the remote workers without putting constraints on them to just stick to their workstations. Their Unified Communication Solutions connect users by enabling them to access real time and non real time communication through a single utility. Be it messages, voice calls, videos, presentations or images anything can be shared among users for collaboration and higher business performance to yield effective results.

Disregarding to geographic location of the users, who could be in Chicago, California or Tokyo, they can stay connected with clients and colleagues as if working from the office and the callers will never even know that. Phone calls are being processed to Virtual Extensions on demand for effective call routing so that no important business call is ever missed. The call parking functionality makes consumers to continue the conversation from a different phone either cell phone or soft phone so that the call does not have to be terminated in case you need to step out of the office.

These solutions are greatly addressing modern needs and demands of their customers for effective management of generally dispersed workforce. With the interest in Unified Communication and Hosted PBX Systems picking up as reliable, cost efficient and remote user friendly means of business communication, The Real PBX has added a feather in its cap with its range of attractive features and remote user connectivity.




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