World VoIP NewsReasonable deal on VoIP predictive dialer in AugustReasonable deal on VoIP predictive dialer in August

Reasonable deal on VoIP predictive dialer in August

Company OPC Marketing is offering 25 percent discount from customer’s entire invoice on VoIP predictive dialer software named ‘’SpitFire® Predictive Dialer’’ during the month of August 2010, and it is not late to apply before the end of the summer.
There is a set of conditions: VoIP predictive dialer product’s license acquisition must be completed from August 1, 2010 to August 31, 2010. Additionally, the offer cannot be combined with other products, is nontransferable, not relayed anyhow with previous purchases, and there are possible adjustments and limitations depending on amount of sold licenses

SpitFire® VoIP Predictive Dialer is a PC based dialing system that quickly places outbound calls through database in-built algorithm by use of special telephone cards that connect to a different telecommunications and telephone lines. The configuration of the system sets up the amount of actual Agents on line, and determines the number of calls per hour.

The word “Predictive” in Predictive dialers means the ability to dial down or increase your operational calls amount depending on how long it takes for an agent to complete the call process. SpitFire® VoIP dialer “predicts” the average time it will take for an Agent to be available for the next call. The call time may vary from one day to the next with some campaigns pitch length, product information, customer retention of the offer and the amount of staff currently available.

In matter of telecommunications security issues, SpitFire® VoIP Predictive dialer processes outbound calls from a pre-loaded database list of numbers on a single line or multiple line cards. These databases are verified with by “Do-not-call” Federal dataset. The registry is managed by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the USA consumer protection agency. Recent reports and reviews on VoIP Predicative dialer concept are extremely positive, and makes the customers, such as mid-size or enterprise level businesses owners to think on implementation. OPV Marketing offer is considerable for clients seeking for process optimization.

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