World VoIP NewsRebtel surpasses Skype in several statistical indicatorsRebtel surpasses Skype in several statistical indicators

Rebtel surpasses Skype in several statistical indicators

Rebtel surpasses Skype in several statistical indicators
Company Rebtel, being the global second largest mobile VoIP company after Skype, currently demonstrates growth faster than Skype. Enterprise boasted to exceed 10 million subscribers and claims that its revenues grown up by more than 120 percent in the 2010 reaching $40 million. If these tendencies will continue, revenues are foreseen to get doubled at the end of 2011, reaching $75 million. Since its appearance in 2006, Rebtel has made massive strides with over 1 billion minutes of international calls logged and a total of 200 million calls connected. Orientation on the customer needs and adherence to technological innovations are reported to be the fundament for its success.
In addition, Rebtel has looked forward to expand its R&D and engineering staff to leverage its mobile application credentials and provide free and cheap international calls by means of iPhone , Blackberry and Android applications. This, in turn, has backboned the enhancement of customer loyalty and doubling its customer base.

In a dedicated customer satisfaction research in February 2011, it was found that about 98 percent of respondents were willing to recommend Rebtel to a friend. This is an innovative attitude of the company to promote its growth, when such recommendations will boost new users to come.

Alexander Michael, principal analyst at Frost and Sullivan, commented: "We nominated Rebtel for our emerging company of the year award as we are impressed by its revenue figures, high growth rate and quality of service. I have long been a Rebtel user because it is easy to use and I can rely on it to connect me with my family and friends abroad. Rebtel has a strong brand with a loyal user base and is definitely one to watch this year."

Company’s fast expansion into Africa, Asia and the Middle East has also provided the massive enlargement of the customer base. Free international calls to mobiles were initiated in Algeria, Bahrain and Jordan and rates have been lowered to Egypt and the above countries.

Andreas Bernström, CEO at Rebtel said that the figures spoke for themselves and there was no doubt that Rebtel was a serious player in the mobile VoIP market. Bernström spoke of a detailed plan of action in the coming months that would help Rebtel to deliver high quality and low cost international calls for the consumer market and appeared confident of sustaining increasing growth beyond 2011.

In a specific release, Rebtel, one the largest independent VOIP companies, has initiated a new application for Android that makes international calling between users of Android devices absolutely free. The app runs in the background and will intercept users from making an EXPENSIVE long distance call by automatically converting the number to a cheap local number.

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