World VoIP NewsREDCOM successfully completes VoiP (SIP) interoperability testing with Harris Radio setREDCOM successfully completes VoiP (SIP) interoperability testing with Harris Radio set

REDCOM successfully completes VoiP (SIP) interoperability testing with Harris Radio set

REDCOM successfully completes VoiP (SIP) interoperability testing with Harris Radio set
REDCOM Laboratories Inc., a company that design and produces well known reliable digital and IP-enabled telecommunications systems, has announced about successful completion Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) interoperability testing for REDCOM's SLICE® and SLICE® 2100 switches with AN/PRC-117G Radios from Harris RF Communications, the leading World supplier of secure radio communications and dedicated high-level encryption solutions for different governmental and commercial organizations.
The dedicated interoperability application includes of interconnecting REDCOM's SLICE and SLICE 2100 systems using a REDCOM AS-SIP/UC IP Trunk and Harris Falcon III AN/PRC-117G Radios. REDCOM provided robust and sophisticated SIP interoperability testing in its company laboratory by verifying all the aspects of integration and associated functionality between the Harris AN/PRC-117G Radios and REDCOM's SLICE and SLICE 2100 SIP call control platforms.

"SIP is supposed to be a standard that eliminates many of the challenges with integrating systems from different vendors, but interoperability is not something that can be assumed or taken for granted," said Dinah Gueldenpfennig Weisberg, VP Planning and Government Program Administration at REDCOM.

This reached interoperability delivers huge spectrum of new applications to military units. Fr instance, soldiers operating at a Forward Operations Base (FOB) can now be supported with a wide range of communications services while in a totally tough environment. This application can ensure the primary or the secondary communications link into and out of a FOB. Option of Single Stage Dialing delivers to soldiers using an Edge (SME-PED) or a Secure GSM Handset at a forward location easy access to individuals or groups located within a Secure VoIP Network for straight support of their mission. A Field Commander can now implement one secure device, with MLPP, to contact and speak with anyone needed to support the combat mission.

Another excellent new option for the warfighters using a Handheld Radio, LMR or Tactical Radio is easy connectivity with a TOC (Tactical Operation Center) or COC (Command Operation Center) type operational entities to request support or deliver information. A secure base station could make users by means of LMR Handhelds which have dialing capability to route themselves through a Secure VoIP Network or securely to someone operating in an secure networks.

The Harris AN/PRC-117G wideband network radio provides soldiers with unsurpassed situational awareness of the battlefield by enabling new applications such as streaming video, simultaneous voice and data feeds, collaborative chat, and connectivity to secure networks. In turn, REDCOM enables secure and interoperable military communications with TRANSip®, the most advanced technology that delivers secure tactical and strategic VoIP for Joint, NATO, and Coalition Forces. Whether in a trenches or at the Pentagon, REDCOM's TRANSip technology suite converges a broad range of technologies for maximum interoperability in both tactical and strategic networks, so military persons in field can be confident that REDCOM systems will operate in a joint environment.

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