World VoIP NewsReport from Infonetics: huge potential of IMS in VoIP worldReport from Infonetics: huge potential of IMS in VoIP world

Report from Infonetics: huge potential of IMS in VoIP world

Report from Infonetics: huge potential of IMS in VoIP world
Infonetics research has distributed another ‘’IMS Equipment and Subscribers market share and forecast report’’, where big emphasize was put on LTE (Long Term Evolution) role as a booster of the IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) architecture. Research reveals some IMS related momentum.
“The watershed moment in North America will be the activity around voice over LTE and the fact Verizon Wireless will be the first mobile operator of any size committed to IMS for next-generation wireless,” said Infonetics analyst Myers in an interview.

Once VoIP operators migrate more and more onto LTE, the supporting platforms in the IMS standards will likely start to take off. So, while 3G standard didn’t conquer the scene IMS concept will probably continue to be simmering issue, as operators will move at their individual ways.

“While IMS may not make sense for smaller companies like CLECs and the like, as it is not a ‘plug-and-play’ technology, it will be well suited for any larger players trying to replicate the telephony they have today,” noted Myers, adding that even with VoIP, IM, and video innovations, traditional and mobile voice isn’t disappearing. “There has been so much support from industry standards bodies and carriers alike to work toward interoperability through IMS, particularly in preparation for next-gen wireless, that IMS will be an enabler to transferring subscribers over different interconnected networks from different operators,” added Myers.

Nevertheless that IMS might still be considered by some as “complicated,” it has come impressive paths within past few years. “It’s not like dropping a switch into the network and it works,” said Infonetics.

For instance, enterprises like SK Telecom are already showing how IMS enabled them to initiate numerous mobile services over IMS. “They have a fantastic mobile- to-mobile video calling service that runs HD video over an IMS network, enabling people to share videos and pictures,” Meyers said. “They also have a sketchbook where people can collaborate and doodle on a white board to mark up photos and drawings. Additionally, they have a ‘locate me’ application where one person can follow another person’s movements live on a map they pull up on their device— whether smart phone, tablet or the new mini-tablets.”

According to Infonetics, SK Telecom will be a pattern for US and Canadian operators seeking to launch features rich file sharing, video and data sharing procedures utilizing IMS technologies. “IMS will be more than a telephony replacement; it will help operators compete on more than just voice and data—especially important in an OTT(Over The Top) world. Operators can become the applications providers and do more things that are native to the devices, and IMS can be a facilitator.”

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