World VoIP NewsRomanian based Software Technology Company delivers Cloud LicensingRomanian based Software Technology Company delivers Cloud Licensing

Romanian based Software Technology Company delivers Cloud Licensing

Romanian based Software Technology Company delivers Cloud Licensing
Company 4PSA has well credited reputation by offering award-winning so called ‘’VoIPNow’’ solution in frames of Unified Communications concept, and now enterprise is about to proceed further on with innovations and technologies. 4PSA has offices in Romania, the U.S. and the Netherlands, and announced the availability of cloud licensing. This licensing methodology is targeted to bring up cloud computing flexibility and scalability to software licensing; company boasts very considerable investment to be done in back-end automation.
"With Cloud Licensing, we aim to simplify all processes related to software licensing, from infrastructure planning to support,” stated Bogdan Carstoiu, 4PSA's CEO,“It uses the core principles of cloud computing and inherits its advantages such as simplified provisioning, low and predictable costs, and demand based auto-scaling. For service providers this means no upfront licensing costs, transparent operating terms, and agile service development.”

The cloud computing enterprise will provide two levels of licensing, depending on the software deployment aim. The first level, called Basic Cloud Licensing, which was created for initial installations, includes preconfigured resources and appears to be with fixed subscription fees. Service providers can bundle the license with infrastructure services for small businesses end-users. Once larger resources are required, the license can be raised up to the next level. The second level, Full Cloud Licensing, delivers unlimited scalability and is designed for much bigger installations and costs are formed up by provisioned resources. This scaling is transparent and real-time, so service providers pay only for the factual usage, according to the company.

Company offers Cloud Licensing for VoipNow Professional, a prominent UC platform created for the cloud that provides feature ambient hosted PBX: voice, video, telepresence, faxing and instant messaging. VoipNow Automation, a business and operations solution that enables service providers to automate the most important business flows, and DNS Manager, multi-tenant software automation designed to deliver advanced DNS hosting. All the other products in 4PSA's portfolio will be getting the cloud licensing support by the end of 2011.4PSA has a well shaped performance in Europe but is looking to establish more of a presence in North America.

“This year we are going to really blow it out with our presence and our brand and make sure people take advantage of the collective value that our software offers,” said Ross “The average business device is wired and you can’t miss a call today – that’s the challenge,” he said. “You have to use the mobile devices if you are going to respond quickly to customers and respond the customer care level that they are expecting. If you don’t respond they don’t leave a voice mail anymore. If you don’t answer the phone you’ve missed the business in a lot of cases.”

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