World VoIP NewsRomanian company Allview Mobile releases VoIP TabletRomanian company Allview Mobile releases VoIP Tablet

Romanian company Allview Mobile releases VoIP Tablet

Romanian company Allview Mobile releases VoIP Tablet
Company Allview Mobile Romania, well known European producer of dual SIM cards mobile phones and VoIP communications products, rolled out new item: the Tablet PC AllDro. The appliance that runs Google Android 2.1 operating system, has a 7 inch screen, Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity by means of external modem. AllDro is designed for users in permanent motion and device integrates the latest multimedia, telecommunication and office tools like: Facebook, Push Mail, e-book and set of office applications.
“Allview AllDro is a smart gadget for people how want to enjoy themselves and experience maximum mobility. AllDro’s quality-price ratio is the advantage that Allview offers to its customers. We wish for everyone to be connected to the latest technology that’s why we have developed AllDro.” said Lucian Peticila, Allview’s CEO.

By utilizing AllDro consumer can reach social networks, mailboxes and is able to install variety of useful applications and games of all matters from Apple Store. Weighting only 370 g, AllDro provides a massive library to user because it can be utilized as e-book reader if needed. Consumer can also forward VOIP calls by Wi-Fi and play video files in FullHD format on standard TV set, because HDMI connection cable attached to the standard package.

AllDro has an internal memory of 4GB which is expandable to 32 GB. The mini USB port executes the date transfer from tablet to computer and vice versa in a reciprocal format . The tablet supports up to 6 hours of Internet browsing with the wireless network turned on, while listening to music it can reach up to 30 hours. AllDro’s video presentation can be viewed on the website of the Company.

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