World VoIP NewsRush to buy and from Fortune 500 listed CompaniesRush to buy and from Fortune 500 listed Companies

Rush to buy and from Fortune 500 listed Companies

Rush to buy and from Fortune 500 listed Companies
There are reports on several Fortune 500 listed companies, trying to forward a bid in order to acquire two major businesses of Martin Toha. The two businesses up for sale are and is an enterprise that allows residents of the U.S. and Canada to make international calls to any location for as little as $15 per month. The company also takes the top rankings when someone types VOIP in search engines such as Google. Profinity also implements the VOIP technology, enabling customers to make purchases online at relatively low costs over a secure payment system.

The technology of Profinity is being supported by direct contact with a client, when a customer places an order for a product on a particular website, Profinity gets in touch with the customer to get his shipping address and purchase details. This action will identify any type of fraud as chances of fake customers get nullified. The customer also can change the shipping address before the product leaves the warehouse. The client might want to gift the product to somebody else and hence may request change in shipping address.

Profinity charges $14.95 per month for providing the service to its customers. However, it pays $10 per sale and manages to upsell 40 percent of its customer base. This strategy helps low margin companies to improve their bottom line. Toha claimed that the companies have tried to create their own version of Profinity instead of outsourcing to it. Since the companies have failed in their effort they attempt to buy the product from its original founder.

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