World VoIP NewsSangoma introduces NetBorder Express Gateway 4.0 for VoIP servicesSangoma introduces NetBorder Express Gateway 4.0 for VoIP services

Sangoma introduces NetBorder Express Gateway 4.0 for VoIP services

Sangoma introduces NetBorder Express Gateway 4.0 for VoIP services
Sangoma Technologies Corporation, a manufacturer of firmware and software components of IP Communications Systems for voice and data modes, announced the general availability of NetBorder Express Gateway 4.0, an upgrade of its TDM- to-SIP Gateway software. NetBorder Express 4.0 contains innovative functionality which considerably expand the market outreach of Sangoma corporate partners globally. Sangoma will introduce the latest model of its NetBorder Express Gateway at ITEXPO EAST 2011, in Miami, Florida, February 2-4, 201.
The list of enhancements that provide Sangoma partners with a wider area for worldwide deployments include support for: 

Basic Rate Interface (BRI), an ISDN configuration broadly implemented by SME’s in European countries, mostly in Germany (when paired with the Sangoma A500 or B700 boards)MFC/R2 Signaling, being utilized by enterprises in Latin America, especially Mexico, Brazil and Columbia (when paired with any of Sangoma’s lifetime warranty A-Series of digital boards, A101/A102/A104/A108) INS 1500, a Primary Rate Interface (PRI) ISDN variant used in Japan (also supported by Sangoma’s A- Series of digital boards)T.38 Fax Over IP Support, ensures reliable fax traffic over a VoIP.

‘’In fact, NetBorder Express is an easily integrated TDM to SIP gateway component that can run concurrently with other software applications, inside a single server,” said Frederic Dickey, director of product management at Sangoma. “Alternate solutions require external gateways in a separate appliance. With the added functionality in NetBorder Express Gateway 4.0, we not only extend the global market reach of our channel partners, we enable simplified deployments and servicing of enterprise communications systems, reducing downtime, diagnostic headaches, and expensive visits to the field for our channel partners and our end users.” NetBorder Express Gateway 4.0 software, along with Sangoma’s well known telephony boards, provides a powerful SIP-to-TDM VoIP gateway that application developers, system integrators and value-added resellers can leverage in order to deliver communications platforms for SIP-based applications, such as IP PBX, IVRs, conferencing servers, and carrier solutions in the most cost-effective way. Additional new features of NetBorder Express Gateway 4.0 include: 

T.38 Fax Relay – sends faxes over IP and integrates with T.38 fax serversB600 Board Support – offers a cost effective analog interface FXO Tune Utility – improves voice quality by automatic adjusting needed impedance with telecommunication lines, eliminating annoying echoes on the line HTTP Digest Authentication – for enhanced security SIP Torture Test Suite – provides ample defense against Denial of Service attacks and other SIP security threats

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