World VoIP NewsSeptember discounts on VoIP testing equipment from Frederick IncSeptember discounts on VoIP testing equipment from Frederick Inc

September discounts on VoIP testing equipment from Frederick Inc

September discounts on VoIP testing equipment from Frederick Inc
Company Frederick Engineering, Inc. offer VoIP testing equipment device ‘’ParaScope mPA’’, customers, subscribing for free evaluation unit of VoIP testing device until September 30, 2010, receive a 20%-off coupon certificate towards a purchase. That is a savings of almost $1,500! ‘’Parasccope mPA’’ has in-built IPTV auto-scan feature to its comprehensive copper testing internal asset , and being excellent tool for provisioning dependable IPTV and VoIP services running over VDSL2 and ADSL1/2/2+ circuits.
The ParaScope mPA executes in general two methods to turn up IPTV service and VoIP testing. First one is being called ‘’Set top box (STB) Emulation’’, when mPA takes the place of the customer’s STB and manages communication with the IPTV server. This mode is being used as imaginary to isolate a set top box as a problem.

Another operational method is ‘’Passive Monitoring’’ - monitoring technology that passively measures the QoS of live packet-based video streams and reports quality scores in real-time.

Main characteristics of ‘’Parascope mPA’’ VoIP testing device includes:
  • Big 7” touch-screen LCD and rigid enclosure
  • Handy and convenient use with Pass/Fail results. Use at different locations from customer premises, or the central office and reduce truck rolls
  • Copper qualification to determine physical layer faults and estimate the local loop for managing triple play services. Set of tools includes integrated digital multi- meter (DMM), RFL meter, longitudinal balance meter, TDR etc.
  • Full service verification to define the rates of upstream and downstream, emulate the modem or STB, PING the ADSL or Ethernet and other related options
  • Triple Play Analysis consisting with IPTV and VoIP QoS measurements, streaming video, phone emulation and more over ADSL1/2/2+, VDSL2 and 10/ 100 links
  • CO Emulation for a wide variety of ADSL1/2/2+ and VDSL DSLAMs
Company offers quite attractive maintenance plans of ’ParaScope mPA’’, including one or two year packages available and consisting with one or two year hardware warranty, software updates subscription and unlimited technical support.

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