World VoIP NewsShango Initiates The Complete Integration of Its VoIP Infrastructure With Broadsfot PortfolioShango Initiates The Complete Integration of Its VoIP Infrastructure With Broadsfot Portfolio

Shango Initiates The Complete Integration of Its VoIP Infrastructure With Broadsfot Portfolio

Shango Initiates The Complete Integration of Its VoIP Infrastructure With Broadsfot Portfolio
Company Shango, a well-recognized Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) vendor for telecommunications operators and resellers, has announced about extension of its Hosted PBX management solution to be completely compatible with the Broadsoft’s BroadWorks Hosted PBX/IP Centrex VoIP product.
This initiative ensures much more functionalities  for telecommunication service providers, who deploy BroadWorks, and is a major move to the total provisioning of BroadWorks IP PBX applications: with attached video, voice, and email operations through a combined Shango’s interface. The multilayered integration into the Shango line-up now will deliver the provisioning of specific accounts, groups and operational extensions for CSPs by deployments of BroadWorks, having enhanced features pending to enable operational traffic down to the BroadWorks end-point layer.

By deploying an inherent differentiated approach, CSPs will also obtain the capability to ease massively  the process of service augmentation and shifting using a unified single platform. In the environment of current R&D and a multi-tenant releases, Shango is aimed to meet the growing demand for its incrementally expanding platform and application realm. The BroadWorks evolving will ensure CSPs multi-level access, augmenting the existing infrastructure by the  next-generation 3rd party innovative technologies, and multimedia approach, in order to more effectively address the evolving demands of business and home customers.

When configured on the platform, all those who utilize BroadWorks VoIP applications will get numerous advantages from the full-array of integration features, such as simplified set up, easy BroadWorks PBX configuration; by-click enabled  BroadWorks services for end-point customers; the capability to show or hide BroadWorks existing provider depending on each particular customer scenario; deployment of batch import user extensions, such as complete validation in framework of import; rollback options with simple configuring of provider connections.

Also users will be able to set up their SIP details in format of default setups."The Shango designing staff is working hard on rapidly deploying this completely supported penetration into the BroadWorks platform," explained David Walsh, President at Shango. "Regarding all our other integrated application integration tools, we're looking forward to developing an effective, affordable solution for the BroadWorks community, being associated with the easy set up by means of a few configuration parameters. " Shango is real leader of telecoms industry in matters of  bringing together TN management, initiation and dynamic integration through its PaaS delivery, enabling full-scope VoIP service offer for its customer base, along with company’s wholesale DID ,toll-free and database services.

Shango clients, as communications service- and platform providers, enjoy Shango platform's ability to handle trading partners and pass self-service deeds with and provisioning details further to channel partners. In the environment of ever changing managing disparate systems, telecommunications providers and carriers are referring to the Shango platform for better managing of licensing expenditures, for BroadWorks products, as well as for open source platforms and shifts from legacy platforms, to optimize profitability and serviceability. 

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