World VoIP NewsShoreTel 11 as a newest version of Unified Communication solutionShoreTel 11 as a newest version of Unified Communication solution

ShoreTel 11 as a newest version of Unified Communication solution

ShoreTel Inc. has introduced the newest version of its communications suite Shore Tel 11. The newest version declares some fundamental upgrades and is available for free upgrade for any ShoreTel basic system in current use.
Most visible change to recognize is a name change: with a newest version of UC solution ShoreTel Communicator will substitute previously used ShoreTel Call Manager. It is a clear sign of the trends of company to continue with UC concept, where just phone calls are expanded to Communications in wider sense.

ShoreTel 11 includes more iPhone support with new ShoreTel Communicator applications, ready for download from the App Store; it also allows users to process communications from their iPhone, the Web and Mac PCs.

Company has also upgraded its distributed solutions with distributed database capabilities. ShoreTel 11 database can have additional features installed at remote sites to prevent failures at single point access and traffic bottlenecks, downsizing a performance. ShoreTel is also expanding its legacy in PBX integration with expanded QSIG support. Customers will be able to implement an advantage of their existing call infrastructure while integrating with new ShoreTel 11 all IP UC.

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