World VoIP NewsSignificant expand of Fonalty services in 2011Significant expand of Fonalty services in 2011

Significant expand of Fonalty services in 2011

Significant expand of Fonalty services in 2011
Prominent VoIP industrial player Fonality announces the expansion of its cloud-based Unified Communications services by 200 contracts in the first quarter of 2011. The common trends of implementing advanced cloud-based VoIP solution as to be experienced by more than 3,000 technology companies. Enterprises with most innovative approach such as JibJab, Overland Storage and Nuspire are enjoying Fonality’s Fortune 500-grade Unified Communications and contact center capabilities. Built on open sources, Fonality’s telephony solutions are easy to use, intuitive to manage and affordable to utilze.
Fonality’s UC platform ‘’Fonality Heads Up Display’’ is an award-winning application that conjoins phones, desktops and specific business end-point into a single, user-friendly interface. Efficiency-enhancing features, such as unified messaging with email, secure chat and Microsoft Outlook contact integration, are combined with audio conferencing, photo caller ID, visual voicemail, email/text, ring- back and on-the-fly call recording. Fonality applications begin at $30 per user per month, which contains an IP office phone and calls. Fonality makes total cost of ownership up to 50 percent less than legacy phone solutions.

“With more than 300,000 global installations, providing superior and reliable tools for our employees to best serve customers is critical,” said Greg Harvey, director of IT at Overland Storage. “We now have advanced Fonalty UC and contact center features, while saving more than $14,000 a year on system maintenance costs.”

Company Nuspire is a effective managed network security service provider with a customer base of more than 2,500 locations, monitoring more than 80 million security events globally per day. “With Fonality we are able to get our customers to the correct support staff members effortlessly and efficiently,” said Andrew Ghadaf, associate engineer, Nuspire. “Fonality has helped ensure our clients get the appropriate level of support required, and Nuspire has saved thousands in overhead per year in doing so.”

Fonality features can display every element of a technology firm’s contact center environment, even the color-coded status of the customer service or sales team and their interaction with active at the moment callers, as well as those in the line. The system can also be easily integrated with critical business applications like SalesForce, NetSuite, VanillaSoft or SugarCRM to provide real-time information to improve the customer experience.

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