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Skype 5 release integrates Facebook

Skype 5 release integrates Facebook
Once the updated Skype version features a variety of improvements, the users likely to be most interested in the new social video functionality. Skype vendors have integrated Facebook's Phonebook and News Feed straightly into the interface, enabling users to reach their network of friends through video calling and texting.
The integration also makes customers to receive Facebook News Feed in Skype, as well as to link their status updates to Skype messages, and comment friends' updates and wall posts directly from the interface.

Additionally, Skype 5.0 offers to its clientele improved call quality and a totally refurbished interface that contains tutorials on how to take advantage of the product's features.

"We've revitalized the look and feel, making voice and video calling, instant messaging, screen sharing, and file sharing intuitive and easy to navigate," Rick Osterloh, head of consumer product management at Skype, noted in a recent blog post. "And you can now bring even more of your family and friends together with the new group video calling feature available in open beta."

This new product enables users to video chat with group of individuals on the same screen. Once group calling functionality is currently being offered on a free trial basis, it is expected, that user will eventually have to buy it, when the product will be out of beta status. Skype also declared about the refinement of its new version in order to make the calling experience smoother for individuals. The latest release is more user handy, more endurable on-line and equipped with automatic call recovery, which quickly reconnects people if they faced the network temporarily shortages. Mac users cannot to use the upgraded version, due to availability for Windows only, however, Skype officials said they are working on that issue.

"You may have noticed that we've just launched a new version of Skype for Windows, and I wanted to reassure you that our previous statement still stands: We're working hard to deliver group video calling to the Mac as quickly as possible," said Peter Parkes, Skype's blogger-in-chief. "But that's not all -- we intend to give our app for Mac OS X a complete overhaul, both in terms of the way it looks, and in terms of functionality. Watch this space."

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