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Skype Expands offerings for Advertisers

Skype has declared that it has expanded its advertising option ‘’pay-for-call’’. The company is implementing its dedicated advertising program ‘’Click & Call Advertising with Skype”, through a partnership with company Marchex , working on call advertising.
Marchex sells, operates and upkeep ‘’ Click & Call Advertising with Skype’’, providing some measurable procedures to attract new customers, concentrating on Skype inbound calls.

Company officials announced that now advertisers are able to have their phone numbers marked with a blue “Free Call” signs anywhere online their numbers are appearing. The Skype software is being started up, and a call is connected by clicking on this virtual button.

Using this Skype pay-for-call basis, advertisers pay for designated inbound calls. The amount of calls is monitored by Marchex so advertisers can follow the results of their campaign and also to see full call statistics.

Program is being supported by Marchex, and depends on the Skype software installed on the PC and Skype’s browser downloaded automatically in Skype for Windows 4.0 or later versions. The advertising program is not available on Mac or mobile versions of Skype yet.

Andy Sims, director of advertising at Skype said “Working together with Marchex, our objective for Click & Call Advertising with Skype supported by Marchex is to deliver a performance advertising tool that turns the Web surfing behavior of Skype users into calls to advertisers,”

Pete Christothoulou, CEO at Marchex, mentioned that the advertisers have eager needs for producing inbound phone calls, and Skype is a very promising clientele acquisition entity with a large base of customers who are already accustomed with forwarding calls from a PC. He said “Today, we are seeing a shift in the way consumers find phone numbers, the way they place calls and how those calls are paid for,” In addition mentioning that large and small advertisers will get benefits from the concept.

Program ‘’Click & Call Advertising with Skype’’, managed by Marchex is available to all advertising agencies and marketing services distributors. These could be such as Yellow Pages companies, certified marketing representatives (CMRs), local services providers and newspapers.

Previous experience of Marchex in similar products was company’s ‘’Marchex Pay- For-Call Exchange’’ program, launched in May 2010, this was an advertising product based on reached performance, joining advertisers with customers through phone calls executed from traditional landline, mobile and even offline channels of marketing.

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