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Small business can expand with VoIP solutions

Smaller firms can expand following the introduction of IP telephony solutions, it has been claimed.
Costas Kariolis, senior director online of VoIP providers Vonage UK, highlighted how cheaper international call rates can help companies grow.

Writing for, he said: "Thanks to the Internet, your business marketplace is now a global one, not just local.

"Which means to stay ahead of the competition, you have to be able to communicate effectively with clients and customers all over the world."

Multi-national companies can also benefit from VoIP services, as it allows remote employees to keep in contact in a cost-effective manner.

Mr Kariolis added that firms can make significant savings on infrastructure as VoIP bypasses the need for installing landlines.

Customers can also profit from the technology, as businesses using the service can be easier to contact.

Clients can quickly check an order or make a query via a conference call that will not cost them anything. 

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