World VoIP NewsSmall business VoIP solutions provider BroadSoft launches Xtended Incubator ProgramSmall business VoIP solutions provider BroadSoft launches Xtended Incubator Program

Small business VoIP solutions provider BroadSoft launches Xtended Incubator Program

Small business VoIP solutions provider BroadSoft launches Xtended Incubator Program
BroadSoft Inc., the global provider of IP-based services to the telecommunications industry , VoIP small business and residential solutions announced that four developers have been chosen selected for its so called Xtended Incubator Program.
This is a global initiative of next generation UC concept, and four developers - Mondago, InGenius, Lyrix, and Kim Wither - will acquire seed funding from BroadSoft® to evolve communication implementations that integrate BroadWorks® with regular small and corporate business, residential consumer applications and web services.

BroadSoft has started the Xtended Incubator Program in June 2010 as a matter of facilitating the development of innovative telecommunications applications. BroadSoft cooperated intensively with its communications service provider customers to determine a prioritized line of the most demanded and promising applications. Application developers then submitted their capabilities and completed a survey process with BroadSoft. Upon the application development is completed, these successful developers can earn provisional revenues through the BroadSof Xtended Marketplace. Small business VoiP integrator has chosen the winners of incubatory program, taking into consideration the capabilities as follows:
  • Mondago: concentrated on increasing the productivity of a business' employees, Mondago will work on integration of prominent CRM and enterprise software applications with the BroadWorks platform, including NetSuite Sage, Goldmine, and Microsoft Access.
  • InGenius: Will take the responsibility on deep and flawless integration of BroadWorks telephony applications into and SugarCRM.
  • Lyrix: A software-as-a-service (SaaS)-based voice and speech applications enterprise is developing a hosted speech dialer that provides the ability to BroadWorks users to dial their colleagues and company contacts using their voice.
  • Kim Wither: As an individual developer with BroadWorks experience, Kim is developing a mobile dialer and telephony management application for the two most popular smartphone platforms, iPhone and Android.
Mr. Dale Gantous, CEO of InGenius said "The Xtended Incubator Program is an excellent way for BroadSoft to capitalize on the creativity and ingenuity of external developers, while the developers benefit from a new way to monetize their applications. We are excited to be a part of this initiative and we appreciate BroadSoft's open and inclusive approach to supporting and engaging its developer community with its marketplace."

Leslie Ferry, VP, Marketing at BroadSoft concludes, "Our Xtended Incubator program was developed with a clear objective of catalyzing new, efficient communication options through integration with business and consumer applications. We were extremely pleased by the overwhelming amount of interest in our program from individual developers and companies with a range of expertise."

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