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Small business VoIP technologies by Marshall Technology Solutions

Small business VoIP technologies by Marshall Technology Solutions
Marshall Technology Solutions, Inc., enters the telecommunications market in format of creating Marshall VoIP Solutions, a new sub-division of the company. Marshall VoIP Solutions will be dedicated only in the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) industry.
A new corporation division is targeted to cover the segment of business VoIP solutions for small to enterprise level companies. Marshall VoIP Solutions boasts plans to become a leading VoIP service provider by collaborating with group of the world’s top VoIP companies such as 3CX for IP PBX solutions, Cordia for SIP lines and SIP trunking, snom for handset VoIP phones, CounterPath for VoIP softphones. These partnerships probably will enable Marshall VoIP Solutions to provide the good value for extensive business VoIP systems.Marshall VoIP Solutions introduces its website depicting the VoIP small business oriented technologies, systems and programs of the next generation, which are optimal for companies that are seeking the ways to have cost-effective and effective communications systems. Marshall VoIP Solutions’ website appears in a concept which incorporates the chess theme. The chess as a game could be associated with a strategy, which is in line with Marshall VoIP Solutions’ credo, “Tomorrow’s VoIP Strategy Realized Today.”

“Voice over Internet Protocol generally referred to as VoIP is one the fastest rising communications engineering today. Sooner or later, with VoIP’s continuous innovation it will replace the old fashioned telephone. The consumers may eventually shift to VoIP because it is more cost-effective, it functions as a portable telephone for professionals on the go, it has all the functions of conventional telephones but is more secured, voice quality is outstanding and the technology simply continues to get better. This is one business we need to venture.” Marshall VoIP Solutions’ President/CEO, Larry Marshall said.

Marshall Technology Solutions Inc. (MTSI) is quite prominent by empowering different businesses by providing integrated software solutions and services for ERP (Enterprise Resourse Planning) , banking (accounting), manufacturing, distribution and other small and large business management processing. MTSI offers Sage MAS 90, Sage MAS 200 and Sage MAS 500 solutions specifically configured on running needs of each business they serve. Having more than 17 years of operational experience, MTSI delivers in-depth solutions that enable businesses to function more efficiently and productively. One of the largest and trusted Sage Software Select Authorized Partners in the US, MTSI has offices in Colorado, Illinois, Tennessee and Florida

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