World VoIP NewsSmartphone based auto-scheduler from AutobaseSmartphone based auto-scheduler from Autobase

Smartphone based auto-scheduler from Autobase

Smartphone based auto-scheduler from Autobase
Company Autobase, the prominent provider of CRM solutions for auto dealers in North America and a division of Dominion Dealer Solutions, announced the release of MobileScheduler, a specific mobile site providing the technology of @utoScheduler, unique online service appointment scheduler. MobileScheduler enables vehicle owners to quickly overview service history and rapidly schedule service appointments by means of VoIP from their smartphones. MobileScheduler operates in industry five years and delivers convenience for customers with various smartphone platforms, including Blackberry, iPhone, and Android.
Once a client accesses the dealer's mobile online scheduling Website with a smartphone browser, Autobase automatically identifies the browser type and starts the service in the appropriate version. Upon login, users find that the mobile site mimics the look and feel of the web-based @utoScheduler, also offered by the dealer to schedule service appointments online. When an appointment is scheduled, an approving email is sent from MobileScheduler to the customer. Simultaneously, a notification is sent to the designated advisor, making client aware of the new service appointment and scheduling the appointment in the DMS. 

"We've seen a significant increase in the number of drivers wanting to schedule service appointments online," said Bryan Anderson, founder of Autobase. "With immense changes in consumer behavior and resultant growth in the mobile industry, the MobileScheduler solution places real opportunity in a dealer's hand - opportunity that will grow customer engagement and fixed operations revenue in the short and long term." MobileScheduler is available as an added option for dealers already subscribing to the @utoScheduler solution.

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