World VoIP NewsSOHO business application of VoIP software PBX from Matrix LtdSOHO business application of VoIP software PBX from Matrix Ltd

SOHO business application of VoIP software PBX from Matrix Ltd

SOHO business application of VoIP software PBX from Matrix Ltd
Company Matrix is an ISO 9001 list participant, and is a prominent provider of Telecom and Security communication solutions for businesses and enterprises. As a new development of Company’s ETERNITY VoIP-PBX product line, Matrix recently has released the youngest and the smallest member, ETERNITY NE, specially created and designed for SOHO(Small Office/Home Office) businesses.
By providing high-end operational options and features on a single platform with a form-factor synergies to SOHO needs, it is expected, that ETERNITY NE will massively improve efficiency and common performance. 

All traditional and popular network connectivity technologies such as PSTN, GSM/ UMTS are supported by VoIP based PBX ETERNITY NE which delivers seamless synergy of all forms of communication and extensions such as analog, digital, mobiles or VoIP. Moreover, enhanced functionalities such as IP trunks and IP extensions, mobile trunks and extensions and other line of features can now be technically balanced by SOHOs, which recently were affordable just by large enterprises only. Exploiting the advantage of mobility extensions, ETERNITY NE can practically emulate desk phone functionalities on user mobiles, therefore handling them access to regular PBX features such as call transfer, forward, voice mail, directory and conference, disregard of physical presence of callers. The offered VoIP PBX sowtfare solution is handy, easily installable and operable, making comfort to SOHO consumers.

According to Matrix ComSec officials, Matrix is initiating the integrated ETERNITY VoIP-PBX solution so as to provide next generation technology and incorporate innovative techniques. Official release notes, that “It is conceptualized upon the market requirement to keep pace with changing needs of SOHO. SOHO users can now enjoy high end features and network interfaces which were formerly available to large enterprises. Moreover, these functionalities are available on a single platform with a form-factor in harmony to their needs.”

The basic features of the ETERNITY NE VoIP-PBX offering, also available with different attachable options, including integrated voice mail; mobile trunks and extensions; small footprint; connectivity y to GSM, POTS and VoIP network on a single platform along with IP provided services. With innovative telecom product offering such as IP-PBX, universal gateways, VoIP gateways and terminals, GSM gateways, access control time-attendance systems and fire alarm systems, Matrix goes on market with feature-rich, reliable solutions in accordance with the edge-cutting international standards.

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