World VoIP NewsSolacia promotes USIM to South Korean telecoms marketSolacia promotes USIM to South Korean telecoms market

Solacia promotes USIM to South Korean telecoms market

Solacia promotes USIM to South Korean telecoms market
Company Solacia, a global industrial player in USIM (Universal Subscriber Identity Module) technology, announced that it was awarded by contract to provide its USIM smartcards to South Korean Telecom, country's biggest mobile service provider. The selection to provide Solacia's NFC USIM and Combi USIM to SK Telecom starting March 2012 is estimated as $16 million (USD) being amounts to Solacia's total 2010 revenue

Applications NFC USIM and Combi USIM will augment SK Telecom operational performance by numerous additional mobile services to its clientele. This substantial deal for Solacia's USIM smartcards is the first in Korea and worldwide for USIM technology, launching a new precedence as global mobile enterprises are preparing to deploy the NFC USIM technology to oncoming new mobile utilities. Solacia releases a plan for new convergence services built on NFC USIM technology to different entities and organizations, associated with finance, security, transportation, and mobile telecommunications.
Having the innovative approach and being the first developer of the USIM Combi smartcards implemented for the real mobile industry (3G WDCMA) and a unsurpassed leader of WCDMA technology for mobile and transportation card transactions, Solacia continuously develops next generation USIM technologies such as the LTE USIM. Recognized by the ITU (International Electric Telecom Unit), LTE (Long Term Evolution) is reported to be the future standard for 4G as prominent mobile companies are currently adopting LTE technology.

"There have been many technical debates between LTE and WiMAX for the standard of 4G, however, LTE has been clearly adopted as the standard and endorsed by North America's two largest mobile carriers and others around the world. There is no longer a debate for the 4G standard and the technical advantages of LTE but, rather how fast and effectively LTE can be applied in the market," said Mr. Seung Jin Park, Solacia COO.

Solacia has won a huge deal in the embedded software industry of Korea and has received many patents for USIM smartcard technology based on mobile B2B and B2C. Solacia was recently certified with the CC (Common Criteria) for NFC USIM technology and is the first in the area of NFC to be awarded the EAL 4 level. The globally accepted CC certificate will ensure the reliability and stability proven by the government and is an essential factor for purchasing by government and other public sectors.

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