World VoIP NewsSouth Korean regulators investigate consumer complaints about AppleSouth Korean regulators investigate consumer complaints about Apple

South Korean regulators investigate consumer complaints about Apple

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Korean telecom and fair trade regulators are considering whether or not to take action to address complaints from iPhone users about what they say is Apple's poor after-sales service.
­South Korean regulators are reported to be considering taking action against Apple over apparent problems with after-sales service for its iPhone range. Both the Fair Trade Commission (FTC) and the Korea Communications Commission (KCC) are said to be investigating a series of complaints against the company.

Korea Telecom is the exclusive seller of the iPhone in the country, and over 700,000 handsets have been sold since its launch last November.

"We are closely monitoring consumer complaints about Apple. Independent investigations are already under way. We will take action if needed," a senior official at the Fair Trade Commission (FTC) told the Korea Times.

Currently, it is claimed that broken iPhones are sent to China for repair, leading to lengthy delays for consumers, who are increasingly turning to private repair services.

Korea Telecom was also said to have been wary about offering the phone until after-sales services were improved. "I have doubts over how long Apple will persist with its own, unique and unfriendly after-sales policies, here. Without applying updated measures, it would be difficult for Apple to sell more of its products." a senior executive at SK Telecom told the newspaper.

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