World VoIP NewsSpecific research of Epitiro on LTE Networks in FinlandSpecific research of Epitiro on LTE Networks in Finland

Specific research of Epitiro on LTE Networks in Finland

Specific research of Epitiro on LTE Networks in Finland
Company Epitiro has announced the successful completion of an independent speed, latency and voice quality-of-experience analysis on a commercial use LTE (Long Term Evolution) network.
Epitiro operates in fields of so called network intelligence on two concepts: IP Quality of Service (QoS) and subscriber Quality of Experience (QoE) by means of measurement and evaluation of broadband, voice and video services. Jon Curley, CTO of Epitiro stated, “Based on our observations, this LTE rollout is directly comparable to high-speed fixed line services. Further, the low latency times measured indicate the Finnish LTE service is capable of handling the most demanding of Web-based applications including VoIP, video streaming and even HD IPTV.”

In accordance with the settings of trials, Epitiro has undertaken the tests on TeliaSonera Finland’s 4G LTE network that was deployed peak broadband download speeds of 48Mbps (36.1Mbps mean) with mean latency being just 23ms.

Additionally, the company’s engineers tested TeliaSonera’s legacy 3G network at the same time. It was figured out that LTE delivered mean download speeds that were nine times faster (3G=4.1Mbps) and its latency was five times faster (3G=117ms).

On probing the conversation quality, analysis results described that VoIP calls to the UK, made using voice over LTE (VoLTE), was ‘excellent’ on average when measured according to ITU-T PESQ MOS analysis methodology. The final findings revealed just 1 single call in 298 was of inferior quality.

Curley added, “Beyond speed, the low latency and stability potential of LTE means mobile network operators can route voice calls over IP to give exceptional voice quality, rather than use the legacy circuit switched network.”

Epitiro executed the research within a five-day period in March 2011. It collected about 20,000 LTE data points. Finnish mobile telecoms consultancy Genre Mobile Ltd provided the help in the project by installing measurement probes and also assisting in the local project administration and management.

Official data available as on November 2010 indicates that 127 global operators have already committed to rolling out LTE networks. Also Ofcom is planning to hold the British 4G license auction in 2012.

Epitiro has made the full report entitled “LTE ‘Real World’ Performance, Broadband and Voice over LTE (VoLTE) Quality Analysis: TeliaSonera, Turku, Finland”

Epitiro announced the findings that users normally loose 30 percent of broadband download speed besides experiencing a 10-20 percent increase in latency when using Wi-Fi connections in their home.

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