World VoIP NewsStarView launches new VoIP solution in frames of PRISMStarView launches new VoIP solution in frames of PRISM

StarView launches new VoIP solution in frames of PRISM

StarView launches new VoIP solution in frames of PRISM
Enterprise StarView Solutions, being the prominent player in industry of business-ready Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) solutions has announced its first basic service addition to its patent pending Provisioning and Integrated Services Management tool (PRISM). PRISM is innovative Software as a Service (SaaS) cloud-based operational system specifically aimed to the service provider industry and deals with about the entire spectrum of VoIP services. This latest product now enables voice carriers to completely control their DID (Direct Inward Dialing) and toll free origination provisioning on both a wholesale and white label basis.
"This is the first of several enhancements that we have planned for PRISM. We've researched and tested many systems currently on the market and this latest upgrade has two unique capabilities," said Evin Hunt Vice President of Technology at StarView Solutions. "First, PRISM provides instant provisioning in its intuitive user interface. And second, it allows wholesale carriers to tenantize and white label any aspect of PRISM, including origination services," he stated.

There is a continuously growing tendency for cloud-based telecommunications services starting from enterprise and corporate businesses down to the home-based worker, bringing much more craving demands for Unified Communications. As the trends are presented, VoIP service providers will have to seek ways to address these with its existing resources or impose heavy capital investments. PRISM will back up the use of existing resources and will foster more efficiencies and ultimately cost savings.

"Prism has provided Phonoscope with the ability to sell our customers SIP services and have these services configured and ready for use virtually the same day as the contracts are executed. Through the Prism Portal, Phonoscope's staff has the capability to create the new customer profiles and provision the contracted SIP services including SIP trunking, DID's, and long distance services in real-time," said John Cardner, Director of VoIP Services at Phonoscope.

PRISM was born with the implication that legacy BSS/OSS (Operational Support System/ Business Support Systems) technologies are associated with high investments, high complexity and lack of customer control. It delivers the back-end software and user interface to operate residential VoIP services, enterprise level PBX solutions, SIP trunking, inventory and reporting, rate deck generation, and tiered reseller branding and management. In addition to this latest enhancement, it also allows for the provisioning of VoIP handsets, DID ordering and routing, as well as E911 service management.

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