World VoIP NewsStrategic partnership between CallTower and YAP on Unified CommunicationsStrategic partnership between CallTower and YAP on Unified Communications

Strategic partnership between CallTower and YAP on Unified Communications

Strategic partnership between CallTower and YAP on Unified Communications
Two prominent Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) providers ‘’CallTower and ‘’Yap’’ have declared a strategic partnership aimed on offering voice-to-text service to existing and future CallTower's customers without charges.
CallTower has distributed official statement, where describes new service as being fully automated voice mail-to-text transcription, designed as a powerful effectiveness enhancing tool. Transcribed voice mail messages are quickly readable, distributed to co-workers trough the email on a computer or smartphone, and archived for future reference.

“Voice to text provides a better way for users of CallTower's UCaaS service to access and manage their voice mail. Once voice mail messages are converted to text they become a very effective real-time communication tool, much like IM and e-mail. We are pleased to work with Yap to bring this service to our customers who will enjoy the flexibility and options it provides,” said one of the VPs with CallTower, Bob Barnes, in a statement.

CallTower’s automated voice to text for voice mail enables customers to: 1)Read messages in a matter of seconds, when, otherwise, huge amount of time is being spent for dialing a voice mail box or navigate labyrinths of touchtone menu systems.2) Read and answer to voice mail in a text format by means of email or texting. 3) Keep absolute privacy with fully automated transcription.4) Share voice mail messages converted to text with others. Messages are also processed with a sound file in case it is necessary to listen to understand tone or emotion .5) Implement Outlook searching capabilities to capture archived voice mail messages.

Company ‘’Yap’’ operates four years on the market, and offered innovative fully automated cloud-based speech recognition platform, associated with high operational accuracy. The Company defines its speech transcription capabilities as “simple, scalable and cost effective”. The company’s partners are such companies as MetroPCS, Microsoft and Sprint, which had used Yap's Speech Cloud to quickly deploy innovative applications such as voicemail-to-text, mobile messaging, conference call transcription and call mining.

Yap CEO, Igor Jablokov, said in a statement that the CallTower UC customers are sure to realize the benefits and comfort of converting voice mail to text for real-time communications. “Yap's accuracy rivals those that rely on human intervention and the transcriptions are delivered instantaneously and securely.”

CallTower announced recently, that US Santa Clara Unified School District has chosen Call Tower's unified communications solution based on Microsoft and Cisco applications. The deployment was designed for school district to implement the best- of-breed solution to optimize the advantages that student, faculty and administrators get from the next generation communication environment. At the same time it at cutting expenses for the district.

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