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T38G Gigabit Color Phone from Yealink

T38G Gigabit Color Phone from Yealink
Eventually, IP phones Producer Company Yealink releases T38G Gigabit color phone. It was long lasting expectation period for such a product, when no any dates or details of release were revealed, and company boasted oncoming T38G as being the introduction of the next evolution of its popular desktop phones.
SIP T38 G Color IP phone is designed specifically for managers with high standards on collaborative communications in mind. After being showcased at various exhibitions and events such as CeBIT 2011 and Convergence India 2011, the T38G appeared to be as a hot topic among existing Yealink customers, awaiting the release eagerly.

The T38G is a spin-off of the enterprise’s well reputed T 28 version, however, it contains the set of upgraded features to keep it in the technological streamline with most advanced IP phones to date. Two features in particular that help the new T-38G stand out, are the dual-port for Gigabit Ethernet and a 4.3″ TFT Color Display making the T-38G a convenient and handy executive level phone.

The upgraded version is also much more refined with a larger and clearer color display that delivers highly intuitive user interface. It also includes a considerable array of HD offers: HD voice, HD Codec, HD speaker and HD handset capabilities.

The new phone specifically includes dual-port Gigabit Ethernet and power over Ethernet capabilities as well as a 4.3” TFT-LCD utilizing 16.7M colors. It also offers a TI Aries chipset and TI voice engine along with six VoIP accounts, interoperable with BLF/BLA, IPv6 and Open VPN. The T38G also provides auto-provision via FTP/TFTP/HTTP/HTTPS and with PnP.

The T38G can support any headset, wireless headset or LCD expansion module making it completely suitable to operate with any of modern office equipment. It can also support six VoIP accounts as well as hotlines and emergency calls, making it a great choice for SMBs.

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