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Telecommunications Report including indirect coverage of Denmark VoIP

Bharat Book Bureau issued The Denmark Telecommunications Report that can be accessed on company’s site in digital format. It has been researched latest-available data covering some headline indicators, consisting with a 5-year industry forecasts through end-2014, enterprises rankings and competitive environment, leading multinational manufacturers and equipment vendors, local and regional fixed-line, mobile and evidently wireless technologies operators, as well as analysis of latest industry news and trends including forecasts on regulatory developments.
Named as ‘’Business Monitor International's Denmark Telecommunications Report’’ the document is aimed to deliver an independent forecasts and analysis on the telecommunication industry in Denmark for target auditorium of industry professionals operators, equipment suppliers, vendors and regulatory bodies. Considerable portion of Research is covering Denmark VoIP statistics, trends and perspectives in more indirect way, stipulating on all the VoIP related technical aspects. For examples, the Research presents ‘’Regional Broadband Penetration Overview’’ or ‘’Alternative Lines Operators’ Subscriber Growth, 2006-2009’’ in form of statistical figures; there are straightly VoIP connected data on ‘’Broadband Accesses By Technology Type, 2005-2009’’ or ‘’Broadband Subscribers By Service Provider, 2006-2009’’.

The experts can estimate all the set of benchmarks from BMI’s Independent 5-Year Telecommunications Industry Forecast for Denmark to upgrade or adjust other views in order to execute successful investments or strategic business planning in the Danish telecommunications market. The benefits on evaluation of such benchmarks could be defined as follows:
  • Evaluation of Opportunities and Risks in Denmark’s Telecommunications Sector including implementation of Denmark VoIP projects.
  • Exploration on most recent competitive Danish telecommunications intelligence data , SWOTS on competitors and peer s through company rankings by sales, market share, investments and leading products and services.
  • Statistics on basic industry indicators, including forecasts and trend analysis, covering ICT, fixed-line, mobile and internet markets, Denmark’s VoIP and wireless communications.
Research provides a cross-border analysis of telecoms regulatory systems across regional execution, discussing the merits and downfalls of each country's business environment, and rating them in order of competitiveness. The rankings take into account industry factors, such as Market Maturity, Growth Potential, Competitive Environment and Licensing Framework, also taking in consideration political and economic risk ratings.

The Research’s titles to be filled with figures and data are as follows:
  • Fixed-Line Telephony - Telephone Lines
  • Telephone Lines/100 Inhabitants;
  • Cellular Telephony - Phone Subscribers;
  • Mobile Phone Subscribers/ 100 Inhabitants;
  • Mobile Phone Subscribers/100 Fixed Line Subscribers;
  • Internet Markets - Internet Users;
  • Internet Users and data per 100 Inhabitants;
  • Broadband Internet Subscribers and data per 100 Inhabitants;
  • Multimedia Markets - PCs
  • TV households with Pay-TV subscribers and other macroeconomic indicators including real GDP growth, inflation, fiscal balance, trade balance, current account and external debt.

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