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Telefonica starts so called O2 IP phone service

International Mobile operator Telefonica has started an IP international phone service in frames of its O2 businesses in Europe, to introduce cheaper international calls and attract new customers.
O2 is performing a huge dominance over its rivalries, for instance, in UK, being the very first operator to offer Apple's iPhone in the country.

Recently Telefonica purchased VoIP company Jaijah, and now O2 is being seen by Company to provide European scale VoIP services in the months ahead.

So called ‘’O2 Global Friends ‘’ service enable customers to make international calls by dialing just a local number. Five friends in any country Worldwide could get local designated numbers with unlimited VoIP calling at any time. Prices in Germany, to activate ‘’O2 Global Friends’’ option is 5 Euros per activation, followed by standard15 cents per minute to talk.

In general terms, Operators of mobile networks, always viewed internet voice services such as Skype, as a gravy threat to their fundamental telephone business. However, some companies started to offer internet calls on their networks (for ex. Verizon Wireless, or Hutchinson Whampoa 3) bidding data plans and lucrative contracts.

Reminder: Juniper research expects VoIP users above 100 millions by 2012.

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