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The 2600hz Project- innovative VoIP PBX System

Group of the most prominent developers behind Free VoIP PBX Systems have merged an efforts and started up the ‘’2600hz’’project, a commercial entity promoting a collection of open-source telephony applications and dada bases. Recently they have released a ‘’’’, a new version of open source Free VoIP PBX system. The new product is co-founded by Darren Schreiber and is also a subsidiary of newly formed VoIP Inc. The 2600hz Project received $250,000 in investments from an anonymous investor.
2600 Hz is the frequency that the phone companies applied at old times and was hacked by those trying to make long distance phone calls for free. These hackers needed a 2600 Hz tone generating device, jargoned as a ‘’ blue box’’. So, new venture is referred to that heritage.

The new company was created after some disagreements between the FreePBX developers and the original founders of the project. Software FreePBX is a graphical user interface that based on open-source telephony software such as Asterisk. Particular FreePBX was promoted by ‘’’’.

Disagreements appeared once beta version of FreePBX v3 project announced support for FreeSwitch, a rival to Asterisk. FreePBX was known as Asterisk Management Portal before. Due to frustrations on the developments and drainage of resources, some of the core developers of FreePBX decided to migrate away from’s version of FreePBX. Mr. Schreiber outlined in his official release that ‘’’’ is a significantly improved version of FreePBX v3 project, still owns FreePBX name, but group of 2600hz project is exploring ways on proper legal status of software to be employed.

The ‘’’’ is a free open sourse VoIP PBX system, that operates SIP compliant devices and services, it supports auto-configuring of phone services, unlimited free conference callings, auto-attendants. This PBX is released under Mozilla Public License. Group of ‘’’’founders still hope on fruitful future cooperation with, as they states in official massages.

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